Strategy Development & Execution

Before you start doing social media for your brand, you need to have a clear vision of what you should be doing. Do you know where you stand relative to your competitors? What are the leaders in your industry doing?

What are the immediate opportunities that are available to your business? How many resources will you need to get to where you want to be? How will you measure success? We will answer these and many other questions in this all-inclusive document, we call it The Strategy.

Every strategy includes:

In-depth analysis of competitors & industry
Content marketing plan & developed content pillars
Specific examples of content that performs in your industry
Guidelines for distribution & content calendar
Community management outline & responsibilities
Audience research across all major networks
Platform by platform analysis that includes review of your current state and actionable recommendations
Proposed advertising campaigns to achieve business objectives
Tracking templates to measure ROI on a monthly basis
Project blueprint & timeline
Detailed execution plan and next steps
The Strategy consists of 2 major parts: Industry Analysis and Strategy. Here is a quick snapshot of both.

Industry Analysis

This section is typically 60-80 pages long and is an in-depth, platform-by-platform analysis of 3-5 competitors or industry leaders in your vertical. Companies for this analysis can either be provided by you, or we will research a full spectrum of players in the industry. Our findings are presented in an organized and visual way for crystal clear understanding.

Here is just a sneak peak of what you can expect to see inside our Industry Analysis:


The actual strategy component is between 80-100 pages in length. This section provides details on your current state for each social network, combined with recommendations, best practices and industry examples developed by our professionals. We give you a complete content marketing plan ideal for distribution across all key social platforms. Everything in the strategy is driven by your business objectives. We develop metrics and KPIs to measure performance and to establish clear ROI reporting. We include a wide variety of tools for your team to use and outline how to use them. From advertising campaigns to community management, our execution plan outlines the next steps and resource requirements to turn great ideas into real business results.

Below are just a few sample screenshots from the Strategy:

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