Social Listening

For any brand, it is key to follow conversations happening about their business, industry and competitors. Our social listening report is designed to do just that – deliver all critical conversations about any topic in a clean, easy to understand package. In addition to the data, we focus on providing specific recommendations geared to improve sales, point out the main influencers and brand advocates and improve overall service.

The report includes:

Amount of conversations about your business
Where the conversations are happening
Whether the conversations are positive, neutral or negative
Top keywords and hashtags
Who is driving the conversations
Report of all individual mentions
Sortable data in a simple report
Mobile compatible, on-the-go reporting

Summary Page – Conversations & Sentiment at a Glance


In this section you learn all the key statistics, insights and trends from the analysis. This is a condensed view that focuses on only the most important information you need to know about.

Conversation Timeline – Seasonal Trends & Sentiment


We use this data to figure out seasonal trends for your brand and how the nature of conversation changes over an extended time period. Learn about spikes in mentions, as well as positive and negative comments about your products and services.

Top Hashtags


Learning the key hashtags used in conversations is critical in order for you to make an impact and effectively steer the conversations in the right directions. Here we provide you with important insights on which type of content you should produce in order to be noticed by your target audience.

Top Influencers


A few major influencers can drive the majority of conversations around your brand online. That’s why it is so important to know who these influencers are, how often they mention your brand, products or services, and what types of conversations they are driving. We give you the specific strategies to engage these influencers effectively and amplify your social media impact.

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